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Acts, Congressess

Title Description Size Hits Download
The General Chapter 2013 Motions approved 603.90 kb 221 Download Preview
Acts of the Chapter 2013 Commentarium Ordinis [fasc. I/110, 2013]:
Acts of the Ordinary General Chapter 2013.
4.84 mb 350 Download Preview
Nairobi [Kenya] 2011 Acts of the International Congress:
“Intercultural Order ?”. Forming for Shering and Solidarity.
3.13 mb 285 Download Preview
Krakow [Poland] 2004 Acts of the Congress:
"Chapter brotherly" and International conference of Formators.
Krakow-Zakopane-Harmęże - 18 August - 2 September (only in Italian).
4.32 mb 211 Download Preview
Kerala [India] 2006 Acts of the First International Missionary Congress OFMConv:
“WEe cannot keep silent about what we have seen and heard”.
1.81 mb 163 Download Preview
Buenos Aires [Argentina] 2010 Acts of the Fraternal General Assembly:
“Were Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us?”
[11-18 stycznia 2010 r.]
2.17 mb 168 Download Preview
Ariccia [Italy] 1998 Extraordinary General Chapter:
Formation in the Order. Guidelines for a Renewed Commitment.
9.97 mb 209 Download Preview

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