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Chile: Formation Week

On September 4-8, 2017, the friars from the three communities of the Provincial Delegation in Chile (Copiapó, Santiago and Curico) gathered for a week of formation. The event was held at the friary of the Immaculate Conception in Santiago, Chile, and was animated by Friar Carlos TROVARELLI, the Assistant General for the Federación Conventuales America Latina (FALC).

During the week, various activities took place and themes were presented: Lectio Divina, a presentation on the vision of mission in the Order and mission in Latin America; personal reflection and group work. Above all, the event was characterized by a friendly, fraternal atmosphere.
During the course of the formation week, the friars were able to clarify their dreams and wishes for the next four years—to lead a more evangelical lifestyle and be closer to the poor and those who live in the “existential outskirts.”
The presence of Friar Carlos was a great help in the work of further studying these dreams and in setting up guidelines for the next Four-Year Plan of the Delegation (2018-2021).
During the week, the friars celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of religious profession for Friars Enrico BROCCHI, Fabio MAZZINI and Jack GINTING, and there were additional festivities for friars celebrating birthdays in September.
At the end of the formation week, the friars thanked Friar Carlos for his significant contribution and for his cordial, fraternal presence.

Friar Jack GINTING

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