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Documents of the Order

Title Description Size Hits Download
Rule Rule of our Seraphic Father Saint Francis 205.46 kb 156 Download Preview
Constitutions of the Order Constitutionsof the Order of Friars Minor Conventual(Rome, 1984) 504.43 kb 310 Download Preview
Statutes of the Order General Statutesof the Order of Friars Minor Conventualof St. Francis(Rome, 2009) 1.75 mb 209 Download Preview
Ratio studiorum Guidelines for a renewed wayof franciscan living and thinking(Rome, 2013) 614.99 kb 203 Download Preview
Franciscan Discipleship 2013 General Directory of Formation 354.02 kb 263 Download Preview
Franciscan Discipleship 2007 General Directory of Formation 297.02 kb 235 Download Preview
Six-Year Plan 2013-2019 To live the Gospel 224.37 kb 143 Download Preview
Six-Year Plan 2013-2019 To live the Gospel 183.30 kb 114 Download Preview
Buenos Aires [Argentina] 2010 Acts of the Fraternal General Assembly:
“Were Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us?”
[11-18 stycznia 2010 r.]
2.17 mb 147 Download Preview
Acts of the Chapter 2013 Commentarium Ordinis [fasc. I/110, 2013]:
Acts of the Ordinary General Chapter 2013.
4.84 mb 162 Download Preview
The General Chapter 2013 Motions approved 603.90 kb 198 Download Preview
Nairobi [Kenya] 2011 Acts of the International Congress:
“Intercultural Order ?”. Forming for Shering and Solidarity.
3.13 mb 212 Download Preview
Kerala [India] 2006 Acts of the First International Missionary Congress OFMConv:
“WEe cannot keep silent about what we have seen and heard”.
1.81 mb 147 Download Preview
Krakow [Poland] 2004 Acts of the Congress:
"Chapter brotherly" and International conference of Formators.
Krakow-Zakopane-Harmęże - 18 August - 2 September (only in Italian).
4.32 mb 169 Download Preview
Ariccia [Italy] 1998 Extraordinary General Chapter:
Formation in the Order. Guidelines for a Renewed Commitment.
9.97 mb 190 Download Preview

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