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Germany: Meeting with the Provincial Definitory

On March 16-17, 2017, Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ, the Assistant General for the Centralis Europae Foederatio (CEF), made a fraternal visit to the Provincial Definitory of the Province of St. Elizabeth in Germany. 

The purpose of the visit was to make a post-Chapter, initial assessment of the life of the Province based on its Provincial Four-Year Plan. Those attending included the Minister Provincial, Friar Bernhardin SEITHER and all of the Provincial Definitors (Friars Josef FISCHER, Ludwig MOSCHEL, Steffen BEHR and Andreas MURK).
Friar Ştefan ACATRINEI, a Provincial Definitor from the Province of Romania, also attended part of the meeting in order to discuss the issue of collaboration between the two Provinces and how the presence of the Romanian friars in Germany is functioning.
The following day, the Assistant General for the CEF visited the construction site of the Wurzburg friary which is undergoing complete renovation. The work is proceeding according to schedule and is not causing any particular disruption to the community. It is hoped the work will be completed by March of 2018.

Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ, Assistant General for the CEF 

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