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Flooding in Peru:
We Ask for Your Prayers and Assistance!

The Delegation of Friars Minor Conventual in Peru has provided some information concerning the ongoing flooding in Peru. The deluge has already caused enormous material losses and continues to threaten the population of the country. One of the areas affected by the disaster is Pariacoto, where the Blessed Martyrs, Friars Zbigniew STRZAŁKOWSKI and Michal TOMASZEK, once worked.
Here is the text of a letter from the Superior of the Franciscan missionaries in Peru, Friar Darek MAZUREK:

„Dear Friends and Brothers,
I would like to ask you to pray for Peru and for the friars of our Delegation. Two days of heavy rainfall have caused mudslides in the mountain regions. The mudslides have not only reached the city, but continue to threaten people and animals, destroying roads, houses and fields.

Pariacoto has become isolated. Today, as I write this (March 17, 2017), the radio announced that there was a huge storm. We are unable to make contact with the friars.  In fact, we don't know what the situation is there; we cannot reach them.
In Chimbote, water has flooded the friary, sacristy and classrooms used for catechism. Today the friars stacked sandbags to protect the buildings. 
In our case, we're talking about some physical damage, but worse tragedies are affecting people in some 750 locations across Peru…

Would you like to help? Go to >>> www.franciszkanie.pl/artykuly/pomoc-dla-pariacoto-i-chimbote

Here are links to photos that illustrate the situation >>>

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