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Report on Chapter VI of the Constitutions

A large number of friaries throughout the world (c. 35%) participated in the study of draft Chapter VI of the Constitutions, the last step in the continuing formation process regarding our identity. Many thanks to the CIRC members, to the provincial/custodial/delegation reference friars, and to the Secretaries of Friary Chapters.

After study in Friary Chapters, the text is about to undergo a final check by the General Definitory as the Instrumentum Laboris of the Extraordinary General Chapter of 2018. It will also undergo a final editorial check as well as a canonical review prior to the convocation of the Chapter.
More than 150 suggestions (mostly editorial or stylistic) were sent to CERC, and have been examined in preparing a second official draft of Chapter VI.

A more detailed report can be found on the Constitutions Web page.

Friar Timothy Kulbicki
Secretary, CERC/CIRC

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