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Romania: Formation Meeting

On November 7-9, 2017, a formation meeting for the friars of the Province of St. Joseph, Spouse of the B.V.M. in Romania took place at the St. Joseph friary (Provincial curia) in Bacău.

The program of the meeting, organized in three stages, included two reflections presented by Friar Lucian HORLESCU and Friar Ştefan ACATRINEI, on the role of affection in fraternal relations and the topicality of the figure and charism of St. Francis.
Later on, the assembly went on a pilgrimage to Galbeni, to the house and the grave of the Servant of God, Friar and Doctor, Martin BENEDICT. There was a visit to the cemetery of Valea Mare to pray to the tomb of Franciscan Bishop Ioan DUMA and other friars buried there.
At the beginning of each meeting, Friar Adrian-Sorin GIURGI, Chairman of the Commission for Ongoing Formation, contextualized and enlivened the initiative. He took inspiration from the words of Pope Francis expressed at no. 87 of Evangelii Gaudium: “Today, when the networks and means of human communication have made unprecedented advances, we sense the challenge of finding and sharing a “mystique” of living together, of mingling and encounter, of embracing and supporting one another, of stepping into this flood tide which, while chaotic, can become a genuine experience of fraternity, a caravan of solidarity, a sacred pilgrimage. Greater possibilities for communication thus turn into greater possibilities for encounter and solidarity for everyone. If we were able to take this route, it would be so good, so soothing, so liberating and hope-filled!”
The two reflections and the visits to the tombs of the friars who lived their faith and their Franciscan vocation in times of suffering and persecution, gave those present an opportunity to reinvigorate the components of fraternal life and Christian and Franciscan identity. The meeting was a time of coming together and sharing, of communication and of joy, of solidarity and encouragement. It confirmed the truth and the timeliness of Pope Francis’s words: “To go out of ourselves and to join others is healthy for us. To be self-enclosed is to taste the bitter poison of immanence, and humanity will be worse for every selfish choice we make.” (Evangelii Gaudium, 87).

Friar Virgil BLAJ, Provincial Secretary

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