On June 3-7, 2024, the Federation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate and Blessed Salome of ​​the Order of St. Clare in Poland conducted an Assembly at the Opoka Pilgrim House, located in the John Paul II Diocesan Pilgrimage Center in Stary Sącz, Poland.

Twelve sisters attended, both Abbesses and Delegates, representing five of the Poor Clare monasteries in Poland, namely, the monasteries in Cracow, Miedniewice, Sitaniec, Skaryszew and Stary Sącz. The representatives of the monastery in Sandomierz were unable to participate due to extenuating circumstances.
The first session of the Assembly was presided over by Friar Roman BANASIK who offered a reflection on “The Role of the Desert in the Life of the Christian and in the Life of a Consecrated Person.” His content was very detailed regarding the desert as mentioned in the Bible, the symbols of the desert, the desert as a place of self-dispossession and the love of God, and finally, the desert in the life of St. Francis.
The purpose of the Assembly was to review the Six-Year Plan and discuss current affairs in the Federation at the midpoint of the current term.
The entire Assembly was conducted in a very joyful and fraternal atmosphere, full of sincerity and mutual openness. Each day, the participants in the Assembly, took part in the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharistic Adoration and deliberations. They also had time for discussions and walks amid the beautiful surroundings of the Center where they were staying. The program also included a meeting with the Poor Clare community in Stary Sącz, where they prayed to St. Kinga on the 25th anniversary of her canonization and made a pilgrimage to venerate her relics.

Assembly of the Poor Clares