The Conference of the Franciscan Family is pleased to be able to deliver to you the outline for deepening knowledge of our charism at each stage of the 2023-26 Franciscan Centenary. This text is designed to benefit the ongoing and initial formation programs of all our brothers and sisters in the Franciscan Family.

In order to prepare for, organize and celebrate the Franciscan Centenary, the Conference of the Franciscan Family established a Coordination Committee for the event. The Franciscan Centenary commemorates the 800th anniversaries of the Later Rule, the Christmas at Greccio (2023), the Stigmata (2024), the Canticle of the Creatures (2025), and concludes with the Easter of Francis (2026).
The outline lends itself to multifaceted use and will help us set out on this journey in communion. It has been translated into ten languages by a group of brothers and sisters within our great Franciscan family, with the goal of reaching the most distant and diverse cultures.
Below are the links for downloading the text in its various translations.
In giving you this tool, we wish you pleasant reading, fruitful work and a happy Centenary

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