On March 14-21, 2018, Friar Carlos TROVARELLI, the Assistant General for the Federación Conventuales America Latina (FALC), made a fraternal visit to the Delegation of Cuba. Once a mission of the former Province of the Marches (Italy), the Delegation now belongs to the new Italian Province of St. Francis of Assisi (Central Italy).

Friar Carlos met all of the confreres at both of its communities: the friary of San Pedro Apóstol, located in the city of Matanzas and the first presence of the Order in Cuba, and the friary of San Maximiliano Kolbe in Havana, located in the historical center of the picturesque Caribbean city. It also serves as the Delegation’s formation house.
Sixteen years after its foundation in 2001, the presence of the Friars Minor Conventual in Cuba is by no means insignificant. Rather, it is greatly appreciated, especially by the two dioceses where our communities are located: Matanzas and Havana. In fact, the evangelizing work of the friars is quite significant, not only in the parishes they serve, but also in other areas of the Church in Cuba, such as formation, spiritual direction, guidance for the island’s consecrated religious and vocation guidance.
In Havana, the friars are in charge of the ancient and now restored church of San Francisco, and also the popular parish of Santa Clara. In Matanzas, in addition to being responsible for the urban parish of San Pedro Apóstol, the friars assist at three other rural parishes.
Recently, the friars and some volunteers, including a sister of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Assisi (Giglio) began providing service to seniors.
In addition to the missionary friars of the Province of St. Francis in Central Italy, the Delegation has two Cuban friars in solemn vows. Also, the friars have a collaboration agreement between the Custody of Venezuela and the Delegation. A Venezuelan friar has already been incorporated ad tempus to the Cuban Delegation.

Friar Carlos TROVARELLI, Assistant General for the FALC