From September 7 to September 9, 2018, a missionary meeting took place in the São Francisco house in Curitiba, Brazil. The aspirants and postulants, as well as the youth of our communities, were present.

Friar Valdevan Correia de BARROS, a resident of the Missionary Commission, welcomed everyone and presented the program of the meeting.
Fr Leonardo Matsuo shared his vocation and mission here in Brazil, and on the same day Fr. Vasco Cróccoli spoke of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation and of the various actions we can do as Franciscans. Fr. Thiago Natulini also shared his missionary experience with the Capuchin friars which he took place in January in the Amazon. Fernanda Leal, why is 24 years old, told of his two-month experience in Mozambique. Finally, there was also a talk on the various missionary activities that young people do in our communities.
It was a very fraternal meeting filled with joy of being missionaries. The third mission of the Franciscan Conventual Youth to be held in January 2019 was also prepared. We asked that God bless us and make us always happy in living this way of life.

Friar Flávio Martins VENÂNCIO Province of San Francisco in Brazil