On April 18-22, 2022, the Provincial Custody of St. Bonaventure in France-Belgium celebrated its Ordinary Chapter at the Friary of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe in Lourdes, France.

Friar Roberto BRANDINELLI, the Minister Provincial of the Mother Province, the Italian Province of St. Anthony of Padua (Northern Italy) presided over the Chapter. He was assisted by the Assistant General for the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP), Friar Giovanni VOLTAN; and the Provincial Custos of France-Belgium, Friar Jean-François Marie AUCLAIR. The Vicar Provincial, Friar Gilberto DEPEDER, was also present.
The Chapter took place in a serene and conscientious atmosphere. The work of the Chapter began with a spiritual reflection led by Friar Simone TENUTI from the Sacred Convent of Assisi. Friar Simone began with the Gospel passage about the disciples on the road to Emmaus. He urged the Capitulars to pray over this passage in order to discern what the Lord was calling them to be or become.
During the week, the Capitulars met several times in plenary assembly and in work groups to work on the Custodial Four-Year Plan. They were accompanied in this process by Arnaud DAVID and Priscilla DE VILLENFAGNE, a couple of consultants who have been working with the Custody during the last two years. The Capitulars appreciated their theoretical and practical contributions, which proved to be very useful in facilitating the work process. During the fifth session of the Chapter, the Capitulars approved a document entitled: “Frères franciscains enthousiastes pour former des disciples missionaires” (Franciscan Friars Enthusiastic about Forming Missionary Disciples).
During the sixth session, the Capitulars met to elect the Guardians of the Custody. Friar Daniel Marie THEVENET was elected the Guardian of the Brussels community. Friar Jean-François Marie AUCLAIR was elected the Guardian for Cholet; Friar Roman BARBUŻYŃSKI for Tarbes; Friar Antonello FANELLI for Lourdes; and finally, Friar Bernard Marie CERLES was elected the Guardian for Narbonne.
In addition, Friar Jack MARDESIC was named the Rector of the Postulancy Program in Brussels, assisted by Friar Bart DE PAEPE as Vice-Rector. The Presidents of the Commissions were appointed as well. Friar Paweł Leszek PILSZAK was elected Director of the Financial Office. Friar Jack MARDESIC was made Director of Initial Formation and Communications and Friar Daniel Marie THEVENET, was named Director of Youth Ministry.

Friar Thomas BOURQUEROD, Chapter Secretary