We invite everyone to read this year’s first issue of the newsletter of the Order featuring news and documents from January – March, 2021.

We begin with a section dedicated to the Minister General (pp. 4-10), calling your attention to his message for Lent 2021 (pp. 7-8). This is followed by a section concerning the Secretary General (pp. 11-14), where we feature the Minister General’s announcement of a new Delegate to be the Assistant of the Militia of the Immaculata. (p. 14). In the General Offices section (pp. 15-40), we report on the episcopal ordinations of Friars Martin KMETEC (p. 22) and Dominique MATHIEU (pp. 24-25).
In the Federations section (pp. 42-86), we highlight the fraternal visit to Uganda (p. 43); the new friary in Lage-Rieste Germany (p. 48); the canonical visitation to the Province of St. Joseph of Cupertino in the USA [SJC] (p. 52); the inauguration of the María Auxiliadora Health Center in Venezuela (pp. 61-62); the priestly ordinations in India (p. 71); the 99th anniversary of the Knight of the Immaculata magazine (pp. 78-79); and the 125th anniversary of the Province of St. Joseph, Spouse of the B.V.M. in Romania (p. 86).
In conclusion, there are reports on the Chapters in Japan (pp. 87-88); Romania (pp. 88-89); and Assisi (pp. 89-90). The last page (p. 91) contains personal statistics.

From the editorial staff