On November 24-29, 2019, the friars of the Province of St. Elizabeth in Germany celebrated the second part of their Ordinary Provincial Chapter. The Chapter was presided over by the newly elected Minister Provincial, Friar Andreas MURK. The Assistant General for the area, Friar Dominique MATHIEU, was also present along with representatives from the Provincial Delegation in Holland and the Provincial Custody of St. Leopold and St. Nicolas of Flüe in Austria-Switzerland.

The entire first day of the Chapter was dedicated to the revision of the Provincial Statutes. About ninety individual votes were taken, but at the end of the day, the friars were glad to have an updated version of their Provincial Statutes, now based on the new Constitutions and General Statutes. The Provincial Statutes have been translated into Italian and are now awaiting approval by the General Definitory.
The second day of the Chapter was dedicated to a visit from the Delegates of the Polish Provinces with friaries in Germany. In addition, two friar representatives from the Romanian Province were present. As part of inter-Franciscan collaboration, the Ministers Provincial of the OFM and OFM Cap. Provinces in Germany gave a report on the status of their own Jurisdictions.
Next, various Motions were discussed and approved. Among them were the Motions mandated by the last General Chapter. The friars also voted on a Motion to assume some financial responsibility for the mission in Sri Lanka belonging to the Province of India. There were other Motions dealing with financial and administrative matters. The friars discussed some issues regarding the abuse scandal. Finally, the friars approved the Province Four-Year Plan (PPQ).
Before the guardians and formators were elected, Friar Andreas outlined a concept for the Province for the new four-year term. He also tried to create as much transparency as possible regarding the future composition of personnel in the friaries. Finally, the new guardians were elected as follows: for the friary in Würzburg, Friar Adam KALINOWSKI; for Schönau, Friar Steffen BEHR; for Schwarzenberg, Friar Mateusz KOTYŁO; for Maria Eck, Friar Franz M. ENDRES; and for Cologne, Friar Bernhardin M. SEITHER. The new Provincial Econom is Friar Josef BODENSTEINER. The Director of the postulancy program is Friar Konrad SCHLATTMANN and the Director of post-novitiate formation is Friar Josef FISCHER.
The Chapter concluded with a memorial service for the four friars who died over the last four years.

Friar Mateusz KOTYŁO, Vicar Provincial