OCTOBER 20, 2017
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General Secretariat for Mission Animation


Convento San Massimiliano M. Kolbe; Via di San Teodoro, 42; 00186 Roma (Italia); tel.: +39 06.69766401; fax: +39 06.69766433; sgam@ofmconv.net

The General Secretariat for Missionary Animation (SGAM) assists the Minister General and his Definitory in everything having to do with the Order’s mission of evangelization ad gentes and the plantatio Ordinis which enriches local churches with our Conventual Franciscan charism. The Secretariat also promotes mutual understanding and help between new and old foundations of the Order.
Our Aim1. To promote mission awareness throughout the Order; 2. To help the Ministers provincial and Formation personnel in the discernment of missionary vocations and in preparing and updating missionaries; 3. To motivate the Provincial Mission Promoters and coordinate the International Commission for Mission Animation; 4. To help the friars and other people to understand how the Order’s missions function, in order to encourage sharing and solidarity; 5. In the preparation of a new mission, to help the Minister Provincial and the Assistant General of the Jurisdiction; 6. To help the General Commission for Financial Requests, particularly in looking for benefactors.

Friar Jarosław WYSOCZAŃSKI


> Secretary General for the SGAM

Province of St. Anthony and Bl. James of Strepa – Cracow, Poland
n. Lwówek Śląski (Poland): 12/03/1961
prof. temp.: 02/09/1980 * prof. sol.: 08/12/1984 * ord. sac.: 07/06/1986



> Member of the SGAM

Province of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe (India)
n. Bharananganam (Kerala, India): 15/04/1982
prof. temp.: 27/04/2003 * prof. sol.: 14/10/2008 * ord. sac.: 11/11/2010

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