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General Assistant of the Secular Franciscan Order


Convento San Massimiliano M. Kolbe; Via S. Teodoro, 42; 00186 Roma (Italia) • tel.: +39 06.69766445; fax: +39 06.69766433

The General Assistant of the Secular Franciscan Order (OFS) is appointed by the Minister General, after consultation with the Presidency of the International Council of the OFS (CIOFS). He must keep the Minister General and the Friars Minor Conventual informed on the life and activities of the OFS and the Franciscan Youth. He shall also deal with matters regarding the service of assistance given by his Order to the OFS and to the Franciscan Youth, meeting the local fraternities assisted by his own Order and keeping in constant fraternal contact with the local Assistants to the OFS of his own Order. He shall form a conference with the other General Assistants of the OFS (OFM, OFMCap and TOR), and collegially see to the spiritual assistance to the OFS as a whole.
It is the responsibility of the Conference of General Assistants: a) to collaborate with the international Council and its Presidency in the spiritual and apostolic animation of the OFS and, in a special way, in the formation of the secular leaders; b) to coordinate, at the international level, the spiritual assistance to the OFS and the Franciscan Youth; c) to foster the interest of the friars and their Superiors in the OFS and in the Franciscan Youth; d) to provide for the pastoral visits of the national Councils of the OFS and the presence at the national elective Chapters.

(See Statutes for Spiritual and Pastoral Assistance to the OFS, Articles 17 and 18).



> General Assistant of the OFS

Province of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe (India)
n. Vellaramkunnu, Kanjirappally (India): 31/08/1975
prof. temp.: 01/05/1995, prof. sol.: 24/05/2000, ord. sac.: 30/12/2001

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