Commissions & Committees

Coordination Committee of the Six-Year Plan [CCPS]

Convento Santi XII Apostoli
Piazza XII Apostoli, 51
00187 Roma (Italia)

tel.: +39 06699571; fax: +39 0669957321

  • Friar Silvestru BEJAN
    Secretary General of the CCPS
    Province of St. Joseph, Spouse of the B.V.M. in Romania

International Commission for Formation [CIF]

Convento San Massimiliano M. Kolbe
Via di San Teodoro, 42
00186 Roma (Italia)
tel.: +39 06.69766401; fax: +39 06.69766433

    Secretary General of the SGF
    Province of St. Anthony and Bl. James of Strepar in Poland (Cracow)