On November 28-30, 2023, a three-day workshop was organized for persons involved in communication in the Church. The workshop offered lessons on how to write, speak, take photographs, observe copyrights, manage crisis situations, use artificial intelligence and create podcasts.

Eighty-eight participants attended the workshop, including clergy, consecrated persons and lay people. The workshop was taught by university professors, journalists, photographers and public relations specialists. It was held at the Bielany Retreat and Formation Center in Warsaw, Poland.
The program included lectures, practical activities and discussions. Many of the participants said the classroom lectures and the discussions, held in small groups or in assembly, were valuable.
The guest instructors included Michał GÓRSKI, editor of the CyberDefence24 portal; Agata PUŚCIKOWSKA, editor of Gość Niedzielny magazine; Editor Kamil SZUMOTALSKI, Urszula BORUCH, editor and newscaster at TVP3 [Warsaw public television]; Father Dariusz BARTOCHA, SDB; Sister Benigna GACEK, CMBB; Father Szymon POPŁAWSKI, OP; Tomasz KRÓLAK, editor at KAI [Catholic Information Agency, Warsaw]; Krzysztof SOWIŃSKI, editor of the Na Werandzie podcast; and Dr. Marlena KAŁUŻYŃSKA-TYBURSKA of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw.
The workshop offered twenty-one hours of lessons. It has been organized for the last several years by Professor Monika PRZYBYSZ, Father Józef KLOCH, Friar Jan M. SZEWEK, OFM Conv. and Katarzyna FERENS.

Friar Jan M. SZEWEK