On November 20-24, 2019, the Assistant General for the Centralis Europae Foederatio (CEF), Friar Dominique MATHIEU, visited the Swiss friaries of the Provincial Custody of St. Leopold and St. Nicolas of Flüe in Austria-Switzerland.

On November 20, Friar Dominique flew into Geneva, Switzerland, where he was welcomed by the Provincial Custos Friar Daniele BROCCA. From there, they traveled together to Fribourg. The purpose of the fraternal visit was to assist in preparing for the next Ordinary Custodial Chapter. The first part of the Chapter is scheduled for January 12-17, 2020.
There are two friaries on the Swiss side of the Custody. One is the historic friary located in city of Fribourg. The other is in Flüeli-Ranft, located in the Alps, near the Shrine of St. Nicholas of Flüe. Both communities are comprised of friars from various countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany Italy, Romania and Poland. In addition to their Conventual commitments, they also serve the local Church.
The fraternity in Flüeli recently met with an architect who can help convert the rooms of the boarding school into a source of income. The boarding school closed two years ago when the college moved out. The recently renovated friary in Fribourg has suitable divisions for housing university students, tenants and pilgrims. It also has offices for use by the German-speaking parish, the Caritas charitable organization, a state agency working with addicts, an ophthalmology clinic and other offices set aside for private use. There are also multipurpose spaces used for socio-charitable and cultural activities. The basement has important space reserved for the archives and the library. Next to them, there is a laboratory used for the conservation and restoration of ancient books and parchments.
Before leaving the Swiss Confederation, the Provincial Custos and the Assistant General visited the Franciscan Sisters at the St. Josef Monastery in Muotathal, a community affiliated to our Order. Friar Daniele is closely following their request to join the Federation of Urbanist Poor Clares.

Friar Dominique MATHIEU, Assistant General for the CEF
Friar Daniele BROCCA, Provincial Custos