On November 5-19, 2018, Friar Joaquín Ángel AGESTA CUEVAS, the Assistant General for the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP) visited the Provincial Custody of Calabria, Italy, on behalf of the Minister General.

The Provincial Custody of St. Daniel and Companion Martyrs in Italy (Calabria) has four fraternities, each attached to a parish: Amantea, Castrovillari, Catanzaro Lido and Palmi. The Custody has twenty-one friars: two are posted to the General Houses in Rome, one is a solemnly professed student at the Franciscanum and the others serve in the Calabrian friaries. Of these, nine confreres are from other Jurisdictions of the Order. The Custody also has four young men in initial formation.
The friars have been present in this blessed land since the expansion of the Order in 1217 and the deaths of St. Daniel and his companions, the first martyrs among the Friars Minor, who shed their blood in 1227.
The Jurisdiction belongs to the Province of the Seraphic Father St. Francis in Italy (Naples), although it retains considerable autonomy, self- governance and a clear jurisdictional identity.

Friar Joaquín Ángel AGESTA CUEVAS, Assistant General for the FIMP