This year, 2020, the Provincial Delegation in Chile of the Italian Province of St. Anthony of Padua (Northern Italy), is getting ready to celebrate, in a spirit of gratitude, its 25th anniversary of Conventual presence in Chile.

The friars living and working in Chile would like to share the history of their presence. It is a history which God continues to write, through the friars who have resided there, the faithful who have been at their side and the works which the Spirit of God has brought forth. Therefore, the friars of the Delegation will present a series of videos in order to illustrate, using images, the history of each presence as well as the current pastoral reality, mission and lifestyle of the friaries in Copiapó, Curicó and Santiago.
Let us pray that God may continue to bless every confrere in this Conventual Franciscan presence and inspire new and holy vocations within the Delegation.

Office of Communications