On Saturday, September 14, 2019 Friar Pietro Mariano CARTA professed his solemn vows in the presence of Friar Franco BUONAMANO, the Minister Provincial of the Italian Province of St. Francis of Assisi (Central Italy). The ceremony took place at the church of Maria SS. Immacolata in Foligno, Italy. Previously, Friar Pietro had been a member of the Franciscanum Post-novitiate community in Assisi.

Friar Pietro was born in Sardinia. He began his vocational journey several years ago, but his decision to enter the friary was made in 2011, at the age of 53, at which time he asked to enter the Friars Minor Conventual in Oristano, Italy. Thus, he began a program of initial formation, undergoing each stage of formation and study with exemplary willingness and joy. Before entering the friary, Friar Pietro dedicated his life to supporting and caring for his elderly and sick parents, accompanying them through the final chapter of their lives. Only afterwards did he feel he could respond to the vocational desire he always nurtured in his heart.
After his simple profession (August 27, 2016), he continued his theological formation in Assisi. There, he passionately devoted himself to his studies, learning about the Franciscan charism, and performing various pastoral activities.
In professing his solemn vows, Friar Pietro Mariano consecrated his whole life to the service of God and the Church, following the example of St. Francis of Assisi, abandoning himself to the will of God the Father.

Friar Silvano Bianco