The Order’s newsletter for July – September, 2019, is now available.

Dear confreres, you are invited to read the latest issue of Fraternus Nuntius. On page five you will find information on recent changes in the General Houses of Rome, as approved by the Government of the Order.
In the General Offices section (pp. 6-18), we feature articles on the Pro-Vicar (p. 6) and the course for the new missionaries in Brussels (p. 11).
In the Federations section (pp. 20-55) you can read about the professions and ordinations that took place in Zambia (p. 20), Tanzania (p. 21), and Ghana (p. 22); the social activities of the friars in formation in the USA and Colombia (p. 24); the Franciscan symposium in Brazil (p. 29); the professions and ordinations that took place in Indonesia (p. 36), India (p. 37), and the Philippines (p. 37); the professions and vesting that took place in Poland, in Warsaw (p. 45) and Cracow (p. 47); and the joint Definitory meeting of Sicily and Calabria (p. 54).
Finally, we mention the various Chapters that were celebrated (pp. 56-64) and the latest demographic information (p. 65).

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From the editorial board