On Wednesday, August 19, 2020, three confreres of the Province of Mary Immaculate in Indonesia made their temporary profession of vows at the Church of Santo Josef, next to the Provincial Curia in Delitua, Sumatra.

The young friars from Indonesia completed their novitiate year in Tagaytay City in the Philippines, along with other novices from the Philippines and Vietnam.
The confreres professed their vows into the hands of the Minister Provincial of Indonesia, Friar Cornelius Tri Chandra FAJARIYANTO. The newly professed are: Friars Yohanes Krisantus UNAB, Selsus BADUR and Rizal Silvester SITOHANG.
After the profession ceremony, the three left for the Santo Bonaventura Friary in Sinaksak (Pematangsiantar, Sumatra), where they will continue their initial formation.
We pledge to pray fervently for each of them.

Friar Fictorium Natanael GINTING