On Monday, August 9, 2022, relics of the Conventual Franciscan martyrs, Blessed Michał TOMASZEK and Zbigniew STRZAŁKOWSKI (Martyrs of Pariacoto, Peru), as well as Blessed Carlos MURIAS (Martyr of Argentina), were enshrined at the San Antonio-Ysleta Mission Church in El Paso, Texas, USA.

Among those attending the event were friends of the friar-martyrs, local parishioners and members of the Conventual Franciscan fraternity in El Paso, including friars in initial formation. During the Mass, Friar Jarosław (Jarek) WYSOCZAŃSKI, who once lived with the Blessed Martyrs of Pariacoto as their Superior, gave testimony about the common path of vocation and mission they shared, leading up to the martyrdom of his confreres.
“The memory of the martyrs,” said Friar Jarek, “and their blessed journey of faith, which ended with the sacrifice of their lives, today inspire us to carry out our vocation and mission in response to the signs of the times.”
The Mass concluded with the recitation of Pope Francis’ Prayer for Peace and Protection from Violence and from Terrorism. Friars Alberto BRAVO and Pedro LÓPEZ along with Cacique [Chief] Jose SIERRA Sr., leader of the local Native American Tigua Tribe, led the procession transferring the relics of the three Conventual Franciscan martyrs to the “retablo” [ornate altarpiece] in the church’s All Saints Chapel.
In the afternoon, Friar Jarek, along with a group volunteers working at refugee shelters, met in the All Saints Chapel for refection and prayer before visiting a new refugee shelter at the Holy Family Church in downtown El Paso. The church is located near the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Friar Jarosław WYSOCZAŃSKI