On January 28-31, 2019, the Province of St. Nicholas and St. Angelo in Italy (Puglia) celebrated its Extraordinary Provincial Chapter in Bari, Italy.

The Chapter was presided over by the Minister Provincial, Friar Vincenzo M. GIANNELLI. The Assistant General of the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP), Friar Joaquín Ángel AGESTA CUEVAS, also took part. Eighteen Capitulars attended.
The Capitulars defined three priorities to work on over the next few years: the youth and vocation ministry project, how to give new impetus to the pastoral care of the shrines, and the aims of the Saint Francis Spiritual and Social Center in Bari.

Friar Joaquín Ángel AGESTA CUEVAS, Assistant General for the FIMP