There is no limit to creativity when it is put to the service of Evangelization. This was the impression that lingered in the minds of the participants at the first Conference of the Artists of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual.

On November 20-21, 2017, the Conference, entitled “Sacred Art and New Evangelization” took place at the Seraphicum International College in Rome. It brought together some twenty artist-friars along with members of the General Definitory. Creators of artistic works in different fields—music, painting, sculpture and literature—got to know each other and share their handiwork.
A number of conferences and testimonies provided a framework for further dialogue. There is no doubt that art is one of the greatest expressions of human communication, therefore its potential for evangelization should be considered an integral part of our mission in the modern world. This statement was the important conclusion of the meeting. It implied that we should develop clear guidelines at the level of the Order and its Jurisdictions, so that friars with special artistic abilities might have the preparation and means they need to put their talent to work in the service of proclaiming the Gospel.

Friar Victor MORA MESÉN
Photo: Friar Franciszek CZARNOWSKI