The young Veronica ANTAL, Franciscan tertiary of Romania and Martyr of purity, whose martyrdom in odium fidei was recognized by Pope FRANCESCO on 26 January 2018, was raised to the honor of beatification on Saturday, 22 of September 2018 in Nisiporeşti (Neamţ).

The presider of the eucharistic celebration of her beatification was His Eminence Giovanni Angelo Cardinal BECCIU, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The mass was concelebrated by bishops: Rev. Miguel Maury BUENDÍA, Apostolic Nuncio in Romania and Republic of Moldova; Rev. Ioan ROBU, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Bucharest; Rev Gyürgy JAKUBINY, Archbishop of Alba Iulia; Rev. Petru GHERGHEL, Bishop of Iaşi; Rev. Josef Csabo PAL, Bishop of Timişoara; Rev. Lásló BÖCSKEI, Bishop of Oradea; Rev. Alexandru MESIAN, Greek-Catholic Bishop of Lugoj; Rev. Mihai FRĂŢILĂ, Greek-Catholic Bishop of Bucharest; Rev. Gianfranco GIROTTI, Bishop and OFM Conv. Emeritus; Rev. Aurel PERCĂ, Auxiliary Bishop of Iaşi; Rev. Cornel DAMIAN, Auxiliary Bishop of Bucharest; Rev. Tomàs JÒZSEF, Auxiliary Bishop of Alba, Iulia.
Also concelebrating were: Friar Marco TASCA, Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual; Friar Jerzy NOREL, Vicar General; Friar Joaquín Ángel AGESTA CUEVAS, Assistant General FIMP (Federation of Intermediterranean Ministers Provincial) together with other members of the General Definitory; Friar Maurizio DI PAOLO, Procuratore General; Friar Damian PATRAŞCU, Postulator General; Friar Teofil PETRIŞOR, Minister Provincial of the Province of St Joseph in Romania; Friar Alfed PARAMBAKATHU, Assistant General for the SFO; and about 400 priests.
Also present were representatives of congregations and institutes of consecrated life, OFS members led by Tibor KAUSER Minister General, a delegation of the Romanian Orthodox Church, civil authorities, seminarians and over 10,000 faithful. Among the latter the brother and sister of Blessed Veronica ANTAL, Gheorghe and Angela.

There was a choir consisting of about 250 members and was accompanied by young instrumentalists from the Philharmonic and Iaşi Conservatory. Friar Cristian DUMEA was the conductor. A hymn dedicated to Blessed Veronica, solemn chants, and the “Missa de Angelis” highlighted the most important moments of the celebration.Over 350 young volunteers helped organize the event. The celebration was broadcast on three channels of National Television (TVR Iaşi, TVR 3, & TVR International), on the internet and by Radio Maria.
In his homily, Cardinal Giovanni Angelo BECCIU presented the figure of Blessed Veronica as a model of heroic life lived in service of the Gospel during a difficult time such as that of the communist regime, and as a model for the present time when fidelity to the Gospel is challenged by a culture that does not always share Christian values. His Eminence invited young people to follow the example of the young Blessed Veronica and to ask for her intercession in order to give the world a beautiful testimony of Christian life.
At the end of the celebration Rev. Petru GHERGHEL, Bishop of Iaşi, took the floor and thanked all those present. Then the Minister General, Friar Marco TASCA, thanked the Province and the friars who accompanied Blessed Veronica towards the path of holiness. He expressed an appreciation of her imagination and creativity in living daily, without criticism, a life of heroic and holy faith which was brought to completion with the crown of martyrdom.
After the Eucharist was celebrated the bust of the Blessed Veronica ANTAL, which was placed in the courtyard of the church of Nisiporeşti, was blessed. The sculpture is very beautiful and deeply symbolic and was created by the Italian sculptor, Adolfo GIUSTI.
On the following day, Sunday, September 23, a mass of Thanksgiving for the beatification of the Martyr, Veronica ANTAL, was celebrated by Rev. Petru GHERGHEL, Bishop of Iaşi. The Minister Provincial, Friar Teofil PETRIŞOR, the Postulator General, Friar Damian PATRAŞCU, and about 50 priests and many faithful were present.
The Feastday of Blessed Veronica Antal will be celebrated in the liturgical calendar on August 26th. Blessed Veronica ANTAL, pray for us! Blessed God in his angels and his saints!

Friar Virgil BLAJ, Provincial Secretary