On Saturday, April 24, 2021, the formation community of the Seraphicum College in Rome interrupted its usual rhythm for some recreation in the form of a fraternal “sports day.” This event took place in the context of Easter joy and as a way of welcoming spring. It brought together confreres of different nationalities and fields of study to participate in an intense volleyball tournament.

This was an enjoyable community activity. Once again, the confreres discovered how healthy and necessary physical activity is for the mind, body and spirit. Four teams of student friars were formed for the tournament, along with two teams of formators from the College. The remaining friars participated as fans supporting the teams.
An award ceremony for the winning team was held during the regularly scheduled fraternal evening that Saturday. Sports have proven to be an excellent tool for breaking down barriers and uniting cultures. A soccer tournament is already being planned for the next sports day.

Friar Marcos Alejandro QUESADA NAVARRO