The General Secretariat for Missionary Animation (SGAM) is pleased to share its new Facebook page with friars and friends of the Order. The page is at:


By using this communication network, we hope to inform our confreres and God’s people about the missionary situation in the Order, as well as the initiatives and proposals for new evangelization that are being developed in the different places where our missionaries are located.
We are well aware of the great importance that social media has today, especially among the young. Social media is the main means of information and communication today. Therefore, we turn to the friars to ask for their collaboration. We will only be able to achieve this goal if we have a lot of news from your Jurisdictions. Please send  texts, with photos or videos, reflecting the pastoral and missionary activities of the friars. We welcome all of it!
You can send the material to the following email address:
For now, thank you for your collaboration and if there are no difficulties, we will soon share the SGAM page with you on Instagram and YouTube.
May God bless you, Mary protect you and may our Seraphic Father guide us all.
“Upon receiving at the crucifix of San Damiano the mission from the Lord Christ to restore His Church and then hearing the Gospel account of the apostolic mission, our Father Francis exclaimed: ‘This is what I want, this is what I seek, this is what I desire with all my heart.’ From this moment on, he dedicated himself to proclaiming the Gospel with untiring zeal”  (Constitutions, Chapter IV, b).