On June 18-20, 2018, the second part of the Ordinary Provincial Chapter of the Province of St. Joseph in Slovenia was celebrated at the friary of Saints Peter and Paul in Ptuj-Slovenia.

The Chapter began with prayer and Mass presided-over by the Minister Provincial, Friar Igor SALMIČ. All the Capitulars were present together with Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ, the Assistant General for the Centralis Europae Foederatio (CEF).
On the first day, The Capitulars discussed, and finally approved, the Province Four-Year Plan (PPQ). They next discussed thirteen motions concerning the life and apostolate of the Province. Then, they elected the Province Econom and Exactor since this had not yet been done during the first part of the Chapter. Finally, they elected the guardians, formators and various presidents of the Provincial commissions.
After completing the last session and praying for the deceased friars, there was a tour and the anniversaries of some friars were celebrated. Among those celebrating was Friar Tarzicij KOLENKO, a former Minister Provincial in this Jurisdiction, who, with all the confreres, gave thanks for his 50th anniversary of priestly ordination.

Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ Assistant General for the CEF