On October 18-20, 2023, the Secular Franciscan Order (OFS) of Tanzania conducted an National Elective Chapter. The event took place at the retreat center of the Carmelite Sisters of the Child Jesus, in Boko, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

A few days before the Chapter, Friar Ștefan ACATRINEI, the General Assistant of the OFS, spent October 14 to 16 in Arusha, Tanzania, meeting with the Conventual Franciscan novices from Tanzania.
Some of the OFS Capitulars traveled more than twenty-four hours by bus, plus another two days by train, in order to participate in this Chapter. The Chapter reports had been presented at a previous meeting. The Capitulars met officially on Wednesday evening, October 18, for dinner. On Thursday, the Chapter started at 6:30 a.m. with Morning Prayer led by the outgoing National Minister, Lucy NAMBUO. After breakfast, the Capitulars met at 8:30 a.m. in the room designated for the elections. The Chapter was presided over by the OFS Minister General, Tibor KAUSER. Friar Ștefan ACATRINEI assisted as a representative of the Conference of General Spiritual Assistants.
The national OFS fraternity of Tanzania has approximately 1300 members. According to the National Statutes, the Chapter is composed of National Councilors and Representatives from the twenty-six regional fraternities.
Mulengera MATHAYO was elected as the new National Minister and International Councilor, while Lucy NAMBUO is the acting International Councilor. The new Council officially began its mandate with Mass presided over by Friar James MWAPONGO, OFM Cap.
Five Spiritual Assistants attended the Chapter. During the proceedings, the Conference of National Spiritual Assistants (CAS) was also formed. The members are Friar James MWAPONGO, OFM Cap.; Friar Simon Daniel KESSY, OFM Conv.; and Friar Florentius RUTAYUGA, OFM.
The Capitulars thanked the OFS Minister General, Tibor KAUSER, and Friar Ștefan ACATRINEI, for their presence. Then, joyful and content about the time they spent together, the Capitulars returned to their homes after Mass on Friday October 20.

Friar Ștefan ACATRINEI, General Assistant of the OFS