On May 24-25, 2023, the Provincial Custody of the Holy Cross in Ukraine conducted a fraternal gathering at the friary in Boryspil, near Kiev.

Most of the friars were present for this Custodial event. Three friars were unable to participate because they had to attend the funerals of the parents of important people in the Ukrainian Catholic Church.
On the first day of the fraternal gathering, the Mass was presided over by Friar Stanisław KAWA who celebrated his birthday and name day in May.
The next day, the Mass was presided over by the Guardian of the local friary, Friar Andrzej WANAT, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary of priestly ordination in 2023.
During the gathering, the friars discussed the status of the Custody and its individual friaries, in the context of the war that has been on going in the country for more than a year. They also presented some plans for the future.
The gathering took place in a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

The friars of the Custody of Ukraine