On April 28, 2018, Friars Vincent SICHANDE and Patrick MUPULA of the Province of the Franciscan Protomartyrs in Zambia and Malawi were ordained to the priesthood.

The Most Reverend Valentine KALUMBA, O.M.I., Bishop of Livingstone, Zambia, ordained them. Friar Vincent has been serving as the Assistant Novice Director at Itimpi in Kitwe and Friar Patrick is a member of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Friary in the Ikelenge District in the Northwestern part of Zambia.
In his homily, the bishop advised and encouraged the friars to grow in the wisdom of the Lord. When they are called to lead the flock of Jesus, God’s people, they should touch people’s lives. He told them that we want to see in them the qualities of the first apostles and those whom the apostles chose. Those men were made worthy before Christ by their faith and humility.
The bishop exhorted friars not to become judgmental but to be examples and to shape the lives of the faithful wherever they might be sent. He told them to be ‘living billboards’ that advertise their lives and thus attract many people to the life of Christ. He advised them strongly to be men of faith and men of prayer, to grow closer to Christ in prayer.
He further cautioned them that the faithful do not expect them to be experts in finances, construction, politics or social works. Rather, they expect them to be experts in prayer and specialists in the things of God.
They should be humble and gentle as they take up the offices of teaching, sanctifying and governing. People will not be coming to see them, but rather to see Jesus. He urged them to be Christ-like in their priestly ministry.
In conclusion, he reminded them to appreciate the fraternity of the friars and to always lean on other friar priests who have more experience in the priesthood.

Friar Mathews KASONGO, OFM Conv., Provincial Secretary