From November 21-25, 2022, the 129th Ordinary General Assembly of the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP) was held at the San Buenaventura Friary in Madrid, a presence of the Province of Our Lady of Monserrat in Spain.

All fourteen members of the Federation were present, including the Assistant General for the FIMP Federation, Friar Giovanni VOLTAN.
The friars started the meeting by first listening to the Word, thanks to a reflection on the prologue of St. John. Then, the participants discussed the labors and joys they have been experiencing during their service to their Jurisdictions. The meeting agenda was mainly focused on the area of initial formation. The friars discussed making improvements to the postulancy houses in Italy, the time of temporary profession, and making improvements to the Post-novitiate houses. In addition, they talked about, the preparation time for solemn profession (Second Novitiate) and the course for young friars who have been solemnly professed for five years or less.
Next, the friars discussed the Franciscan Youth Center in Assisi, the celebration of the Franciscan Centenary, the fundraising study for our Jurisdictions and participation in the 2023 Midterm Fraternal Assembly of Ministers Provincial, Custodes, and Delegates.
The friars went on two cultural outings while they were in Madrid. They had a friendly meeting with His Eminence, Cardinal Carlos OSORO SIERRA, Archbishop of Madrid, who briefly explained the status of the Church in Spain and the message of art and faith encapsulated in the Madrid Cathedral. Prior to this important meeting, they visited the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Friary, also in Madrid, where they celebrated Mass with the friars and the local parishioners. Finally they returned to the San Buenaventura Friary, Provincial Curia and Formation House, where they gathered at table to enjoy a dinner featuring typical dishes of the Iberian Peninsula.
The atmosphere of the Assembly was made even more fraternal by the warm welcome of the friars of the Province of Spain. All of the members of the Federation thanked the Minister Provincial, Friar Juan Antonio ADÁNEZ SILVÁN and the friars of the San Buenaventura Community for their exquisite hospitality.

Friar Marco BELLACHIOMA, FIMP Secretary