The annual solemnity honoring St. Joseph is a grand and joyful event for the people of Amantea, Italy. This year, for liturgical reasons, it was celebrated on March 20, 2023. As in previous years, a procession with the statue of St. Joseph made its way through the streets of the town, in thanksgiving to God for the gift of this patron saint.

This time, the feast was preceded by a novena conducted in the small church of San Giuseppe, located on the outskirts of Amantea. After the Mass on each day of the novena, the faithful recited an act of entrustment to St. Joseph. During the afternoon of the solemnity itself, the traditional procession was conducted through the main streets of the town.
It is impossible to mention everyone who helped organize and carry out the procession. Among them were the members of local lay religious groups, the resident community of Conventual Franciscan friars led by the Pastor, Friar Jacek PINKOSZ, the men who bore the statue of St. Joseph, the traffic police, and others. The Mario Aloe Brass Band once again provided music for the event. After the procession, the people of Amantea attended Mass in the Conventual Franciscan Church of San Bernardino and recited the act of entrustment to St. Joseph.
We are thankful that, with the end of the pandemic-related restrictions, the faithful were finally able to fully express their gratitude to St. Joseph for interceding in the many cases that were placed before him by those in need.

Text and photos: Friar Franciszek CZARNOWSKI