From July 27 to August 11, 2022, the Assistant General for the Federación América Latina Conventuales (FALC), Friar Rogério PEREIRA XAVIER, made a fraternal visit to the friars of the Provincial Custody of Mary, Mother of Mercy in Central America.

The Provincial Custos, Friar Jorge A. DOBLES ULLOA, accompanied Friar Rogério during his visit. Friar Rogério’s goal was to visit every presence of the Jurisdiction, in order to speak with each of the friars. He began with the friaries in Honduras (July 27-29). Then, he visited the post-novitiate house in El Salvador (July 30-August 1). From there, he went on to Guatemala (August 2-4) and finally Costa Rica (August 5-11) where he visited the Custody’s three friaries in that country, namely, the postulancy house, the college and the Custodial curia.
This visit helped Friar Rogério get to know the entire Conventual Franciscan presence in Central America and better understand the reality that the friars are facing in this part of Latin American. Enormous effort continues in Central America to develop the Implantatio Ordinis.
The friars of the Custody are grateful for the Assistant General’s visit and wish him all the best in his work for the good of the Order.

Friar Marco Vinicio UMAÑA JUÁREZ, Custodial Secretary