On December 17-21, 2008, Friar Jude Winkler, the Assistant General for the Conventual Franciscan Federation (CFF), presented a workshop on the Gospels and the Psalms to the novices of the CFF in Arroyo Grande, California, USA.

This year, the Federation has six novices: three from the Province of Our Lady of the Angels, two from the Provincial Custody of Blessed Agnellus of Pisa in Great Britain-Ireland, and 1 from the Province of St. Bonaventure. The Novice Master is Friar Joseph WOOD and his Assistant is Friar Maurice RICHARD. Friar Alexander CYMERMAN serves as a member of the Novitiate team. Monday, December 17, was dedicated as a day of reflection and prayer on the Gospel of Luke, not only for the novices of Arroyo Grande, but also for the novices of the Friars Minor of Santa Barbara, California, and the novices of the Capuchins of Santa Ynez, California. This workshop was part of a number of joint programs being offered to the novices of all three families of the Friars Minor.

Friar Jude WINKLER