This weekend of Gaudete Sunday the friars launched a new website at: This is a way of communicating the Franciscan message, especially to the young of our society.

This website was developed by Friars Michael LASKY, Nick ROMEO and Tim BLANCHARD, but it also involved the contributions of many friars from across the CFF Federation.  The friars also collaborated with the friars of Malta and Lebanon so that those friars could share some of the material they produced.
The voices on this website are arranged under various headings, such as, for the Gospel; for the community; for peace; for the poor; for creation; and for justice.  The friars organizing the website have committed themselves to continuously change its content so that it does not become stale and thus communicates in a way that is alive and dynamic.
The mission statement of the website states: “We are Friars Minor CONVENTUAL. This dimension of our identity, in the context of the larger Franciscan tradition, adds a distinct flavor to how we live in fraternity and undertake the work of rebuilding the Church. We seek to bring a sense of brotherhood to all we meet, by being truly inclusive and collaborative in all of our interactions. We, as lesser brothers, walk with the People of God, with a special mandate to accompany the poor and most vulnerable of our society. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are involved in a community-based approach to the works of evangelization and service to humanity.”
Any friars who visit the website and have suggestions for future segments are encouraged to contact the organizers at:
The friars are now working to make the website available in Spanish as well.

Friar Jude WINKLER