On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the friars of the General Custody of the Sacred Convent of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy gathered for their monthly continuing formation meeting.

The topic covered was very timely: requests for blessings are the daily bread of the Basilica of St. Francis. Monsignor Philippe BORDEYNE, Dean of the Pontifical Theological Institute John Paul II, pointed out the biblical foundations and pastoral charity of this Declaration, which emanates from the magisterium of Pope Francis.
Monsignor BORDEYNE also talked about the historical context of the Declaration, which is useful for understanding the challenge of the proposals contained in it, namely, that the Church should focus greater attention on the integration of people in irregular situations, who nevertheless, through the grace of baptism, have always had their place in the Church. A non-ritualized blessing then, besides protecting the wedding blessing proper to the sacrament of marriage, responds to spontaneous requests for divine help and becomes a valuable way to offer people a means to increase their trust in God. When one asks for a blessing, one is expressing a petition for God’s assistance, a plea to live better, and confidence in a Father who can help us live better.
Furthermore, anyone interested in the substantive content the speaker addressed can find it in the April issue of “La Rivista del Clero Italiano” which is about to be released.

Friar Mario CISOTTO