On July 8-20, 2018, the 31st Winter Franciscanism Course, hosted by the Union of Conventual Franciscans of Brazil (UCOB), took place at the São Francisco formation house in Brasilia, Brazil.

Thirty post-novitiate friars from the three Brazilian jurisdictions participated, along with their formators, Friars Luís Felipe Carneiro MARQUES and Carlos Alberto de QUEIROZ.
This year, Friar Pedro SILVERIO, OFM Cap., guided the friars in deepening their understanding of the Rule of St. Francis of Assisi and his form of life. The friars also learned more about Franciscan Mariology with Friar José Pinto CARDOZO JUNIOR, OFM Conv. Friar José is from the Provincial Custody of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). During the second week, Professor Dr. Marco Aurelio FERNANDES taught the friars about the Franciscan Study for philosophy and theology introduced at the University of Paris, in particular by Alexander of Hales. Professor FERNANDES teaches at the University of Brasilia and at our own São Boaventura Institute. During the last days of the course, Friar Marcos ROBERTO, OFM Cap., provided a deeper understanding of the life, rule and testament of Saint Clare of Assisi.
These were enjoyable and enriching days of study, prayer, relationship, fraternity, Conventuality and interculturality. It was also a good time for sharing in the diversity of Brazilian culture.
Finally, we thank the General Curia for its generous help.

Friar Luís Felipe Carneiro MARQUES, UCOB Coordinator