On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, the Guardians and Pastors of the central regions of the Province of San Maximilian M. Kolbe in Brazil met in the conference room of the São Boaventura Institute in Brasilia.

The program began with a discussion on the fraternal life in the friaries, taking into consideration their recent reorganization after the 2019 Provincial Chapter. Also discussed were the Motions established by the 2019 Provincial Chapter for this four-year period.
Sitting in a circle, the friars set out their convictions and proposals. The Minister Provincial, Friar Gilberto DE JESUS RODRIGUES welcomed all suggestions, while the Provincial Secretary, Friar Paulo Geovani LEITE NORONHA took note of all that was discussed.
The other participants at the meeting included Friars Herton ALCÂNTARA DOS SANTOS, José LANOIL DOS SANTOS, Cristiano DA SILVA FREITAS, Adailton BORGES GOMES JÚNIOR, Alexandre SILVA LIMA, José Adriano DE SOUSA ARAÚJO, Romilson FERREIRA DA SILVA, Rômulo DA COSTA ALBAL, Amilton Leandro GOMES NASCIMENTO, João Benedito FERREIRA DE ARAÚJO, Roberto CÂNDIDO DE SOUZA and José Nasareno DE SOUSA SANTOS.
The purpose of the meeting was not only to discuss issues, but to seek solutions in order to more effectively deal with the problems encountered so far. The friars talked about the difficulties they found in their realities and actively searched for concrete solutions together.

Provincial Communications Office