On May 22, 2021, the aspirants and postulants of the Union of Conventual Franciscans of Brazil (UCOB) took part in an online formation meeting entitled “The Franciscan Vocation during the Pandemic.”

Those participating in the meeting included the formators of the UCOB; a psychologist and psycho-pedagogist, Luce Malba CAMPOS RODRIGUES; and the UCOB postulants and aspirants.
The formators consider it positive for the young men to get to know other men at different stages of formation. That way, they can continue along the vocation path with the awareness that they are not making a solitary journey but one that is always fraternal. During the meeting, the formators, and the young men in formation, discussed and reflected upon the Franciscan vocation during the current pandemic. It was a very fruitful and edifying event for everyone involved.  
Finally, each of the confreres took the opportunity to joyfully give thanks for the message of the Minister General, Friar Carlos A. TROVARELLI, which he sent on March 27, 2021, to our young men in initial formation around the world.