On June 8-11, 2023, the Province of St. Francis in Brazil (São Paulo) held its eighth annual Conventual Franciscan Youth Day. The event took place in the city of Caçapava, State of São Paulo, Brazil.

Those attending included forty-three young people; two aspirants; a nun from the Sisters of St. Francis of the Providence of God; a member of the Missionary Catechists of St. Francis of Assisi (a women’s secular institute); and four solemnly professed friars. The theme of the meeting was “Pilgrims and Strangers,” an expression taken from the Later Rule of St. Francis. The 800th anniversary of the Rule’s approval is being celebrated this year.
The young people went on a pilgrimage every day, each time traveling an average of thirteen km (nine mi.), visiting churches, squares and holy places, in order to understand and experience the spiritual reality of praying with one’s feet, as St. Francis did. On one of the days, the Minister Provincial, Friar José Hugo da Silva SANTOS, participated. The young people asked him about his personal life and what it meant to be a Minister Provincial. This intensive event was a mix of joy, fatigue and much fraternity.

Friar Flávio Martins VENÂNCIO