On October 19-23, 2020, the Provincial Custody of Mary, Mother of Mercy in Central America held an online psycho-spiritual workshop for formators.

During the first three days, the friars addressed the theme: “United with Christ: Our Bond with Jesus in the Formation Process.” The aim was to offer theoretical and practical elements (psychological, Christological and Franciscan) to formators, in order to aid their service of guiding the vocational discernment of young men. Father Minor RIVERA COTO, the formator and vocation promoter at the diocesan minor seminary in Costa Rica, led the friars in doing group work.
During the remaining two days, our confrere, Friar Antonio Enrique SANDOVAL POVEDA, conducted a reflection on protecting minors. In addition to doing an in-depth study on this issue, the friars presented some elements to be added to the Custody’s policy on caring for and protecting minors and vulnerable adults.
We thank God for this opportunity to grow as formators and we pray that our formation process may always correspond faithfully with our calling from God to do the work of salvation.

Friar Marcio Rolando MATUTE BERDE,
President of the Custodial Commission for Initial Formation