From November 5-18, 2022, the Minister Provincial of the Italian Province of St. Anthony of Padua (Northern Italy), Friar Roberto BRANDINELLI, visited the Provincial Delegation in Chile.

From November 6- 9, he met with the friars of the community in Curicó, Chile. From November 10-13, he met with the friars of the community in Santiago. From November 13-16, however, both communities gathered together in Santiago for a meeting of the Delegation. The meeting began on Sunday with Evening Prayer and a fraternal dinner.
On Monday, November 14, the friars took part in a morning of silence and reflection. They began with a reflection presented by Friar Maurizio BRIDIO on the theme of “Inner Peace.” Friar Maurizio highlighted the reasons why peace in the heart is easily lost and how to recover it in our daily lives.
In the afternoon, the Minister Provincial gave a presentation on the status of the Province, starting with the Provincial Four-Year Plan and some statistics about the friars of the Jurisdiction. The statistical material was prepared by Friar Christian BORGHESI, for the meeting of the Guardians. The goal is to involve the whole Province in discerning about reducing our presences while maintaining the charismatic strength of our Franciscan vocation.
On Tuesday, November 15, a number of topics concerning the life of the Delegation were addressed, including the future of the Delegation and financial economic issues. Friar Tullio PASTORELLI announced that, in order for him to fully recover from his illness, he will take some time off in Italy and therefore, resign his office as Delegate. During dinner, the friars celebrated the birthday of Friar Ramón ZÁS GARCÍA.
On Wednesday, November 16, the Minister Provincial made a visit to the small hermitage in Angostura, where he presided over Mass during which the friars renewed their vows.
In conclusion, the friars evaluated the meeting of the Delegation and pointed out its overall good atmosphere and stressed, in particular, how the presence of Friar Roberto helped to strengthen the process of discernment and the community life of the Delegation.

Friar Jakobus GINTING