On January 15, 2021, four friars from different Jurisdictions within the Federación América Latina Conventuales (FALC) celebrated the rite of entrance into the year-long common novitiate program. The event took place at the San Maximiliano M. Kolbe Friary in Itagüí, Antioquia, Colombia.

The rite of entrance into the novitiate was presided over by the Custos of the Provincial Custody of St. Francis of Assisi in Colombia, Friar José Andrés CASTRO FARAH. He was joined by confreres from the Provincial Delegation in Chile, the Provincial Delegation in Cuba and the Custody of Columbia, the home Jurisdictions of the four new novices who will be carrying out their year of probation during 2021.
One should also mention that the Provincial Custody of Mary, Mother of Mercy in Central America will soon be sending two additional brothers to the common novitiate. They had been prevented from attending this celebration due to circumstances beyond their control. May the Lord guide these six confreres of ours with his Holy Spirit, so that, being guided by him, they may experience a year of grace that will make an impression on their lives forever.

Friar Fabián Alberto MARTÍNEZ ARAQUE