On March 23-25, 2019, the formators from the postulancy houses of the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP) and the Ministers Provincial of the Centralis Europae Foederatio (CEF), met together in Zagreb, Croatia.

Sixteen confreres attended the meeting which was guided and coordinated by the General Secretariat for Formation (SGF). Among those present were Friars Ciprian BUDĂU, Custos of the Provincial Custody of Blessed Agnellus of Pisa in Great Britain-Ireland; Igor SALMIČ Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Joseph in Slovenia; Josip BLAŽEVIĆ, Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Jerome in Croatia, and Miljenko HONTIĆ, Assistant General for the CEF.
The objective of the meeting was to foster greater knowledge among those who are involved, in different ways, in the formation of postulants, and to discuss the formation programs used by the various formation houses of these Federations, both of which participate in the common novitiate at Assisi. The final aim was to draft common guidelines to assist the formation of those preparing to enter the novitiate.
Friar Zbigniew WÓJCIK (member of the SGF) started off the work with some opening comments about the youth situation. In particular, he highlighted the fragility of the newer generations with respect to the vocational journey. In the afternoon, the Secretary General for Formation, Friar Louis PANTHIRUVELIL, gave a presentation on the criteria for admission to the postulancy program, in the Order and in the FIMP Federation.
On the second day, a discussion was held among the postulancy program directors of both Federations. Next, Friar Francesco LENTI, the Novice Master at Assisi, gave an evaluation of the novitiate year.
Finally, there was an exchange of ideas and proposals to resolve some of the problematic issues arising from the differences between the various formation proposals.
Everything took place in a cordial and collaborative atmosphere, thanks especially to the exquisite hospitality of the Province of Croatia.

Friar Alessandro PERISSINOTTO, OFM Conv.