On September 13-18, 2020, the Province of St. Jerome in Croatia conducted a week of ongoing formation. The event took place at the ancient St. Francis of Assisi Friary in Cres, Croatia.

This was a mandatory formation program for friars who were solemnly professed or ordained to the priesthood within the last ten years. However, the program was also open to friars who were further along in their religious or priestly lives. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, seventeen confreres participated. Most of them were young, but a few older friars attended as well.
The theme of the meeting was: “The Challenges of Fraternal Life; Problems, Conflicts, the Game of Victimhood, All the Way to the Path of Fraternal Forgiveness”. The speaker was Friar Krunoslav KOLARIĆ, OFM, a theologian and gestalt psychotherapist. The meeting alternated between conferences, working in groups and working in assembly.
In addition, the week was enhanced by common prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, Mass and time spent in fraternity. One day, the friars visited the towns of Valun and Lošinj. Since the weather was nice, the friars were able to go swimming in the sea. The participants also found the time to plan the pastoral activities in the Province for next year.
Finally, the friars evaluated the meeting and generally made very positive comments about it, expressing their gratitude and thanks.

Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ, Provincial Director for Ongoing Formation