On November 4-6, 2020, the friars of the Provincial Delegation in Ecuador met in the northern Ecuadorian city of Tulcán for their annual Assembly. The Delegation belongs to the Province of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe in Poland (Gdańsk).

The Assembly was a good opportunity for the friars to share their pastoral and personal experiences, especially the difficulties they have faced regarding the pandemic that the entire world is experiencing. They also discussed the new scenarios and possibilities that have opened up, which are allowing them to continue to provide spiritual and social pastoral care.
In addition, the friars evaluated the service they performed during their twenty-five years of presence in Ecuador, highlighting the highs and lows. This let them discern with greater objectivity and maturity the new challenges they will be facing in service to the Church and the holy people of God. Moreover, it pointed out the care they will need to take concerning the integral formation of young candidates and the ongoing formation of the friars.
Since the pandemic interrupted the celebrations that had been planned for the 25th anniversary of the friars’ presence in Ecuador, the friars took the opportunity to celebrate a simple yet solemn Mass of thanksgiving for all those years of grace and blessing.
Afterward, the friars expressed their gratitude for having been able to meet together as brothers and took joy in acknowledging the protection of the Blessed Mary ever Virgin, St. Francis, and all the saints during these last twenty-five years. Then, they bid each other farewell and returned to their own places of mission.